Ashley Douglas

Multi-lingual researcher, writer, and translator
Multi-leidit researcher, scriever, and owersetter
Neach-rannsachaidh, sgrìobhadair is eadar-theangaiche ioma-chànanach
Flersproget forsker, forfatter og oversætter
Mehrsprachige Forscherin, Essayistin und Übersetzerin

Edinburgh-based researcher, writer, and translator working in Scots, Gaelic, Danish, and German. Specialising in Scots original research, writing, translation, proofreading, style guide and glossary development, talks, consultancy.  Areas of special interest include Scottish history and archaeology, politics, linguistics, literature, and LGBT history.

“Ashley is a braw linguist and translator, ayewis professional, gey guid-natured, and easy tae wark wi.”

James Robertson, Novelist, Makar, and Editor

“Ashley’s professionalism, research skills, and linguistic expertise are a perfect fit for the National Library’s Wee Windaes site. I know that whatever text or subject she looks at, it will have involved meticulous research to ensure it is both authoritative and informative. It is a pleasure to have her contribution.”

Alice Heywood, National Library of Scotland

Ashley consistently produces high-quality Danish to English translations, covering a range of clients in diverse fields such as government and politics, architecture, biography, and business.

Tam McTurk, Founder and Director, Citadel Translations

“Tha Ashley na sàr eadar-theangaiche, neach-rannsachaidh agus eachdraiche agus tha i na neach-iomairt is neach-labhairt dìcheallach às leth na Albais. Tha Gàidhlig gu leòr aig Ashley cuideachd agus mholainn gu mòr i airson pròiseactan a tha a’ toirt Gàidhlig is Albais còmhla. Tha mi air obrachadh le Ashley gu tric is agus tha e daonnan furasta agus tlachdmhor a bhith ag obair còmhla rithe.”

Dr Alasdair MacCaluim, eadar-theangaiche is neach-rannsachaidh Gàidhlig 

“Ashley is an excellent translator, researcher and historian and is a dedicated campaigner and advocate for the Scots leid. Ashley also has plenty of Gaelic and I would highly recommend her for projects that bring together Gaelic and Scots. I have worked with Ashley many times and it is always easy and enjoyable to work with her.”

Dr Alasdair MacCaluim, Gaelic translator and researcher

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